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Ended the European World Cup schedule with a bang! After a relatively slow start in Heerenveen, it was nice to bring some consistency into this weekend, finishing 6th and 4th in the 500m, 0.01 seconds off the podium. But the highlight of the weekend has to be winning gold with boys and setting a new World Record* in the Team Sprint. With such a deep sprint team, it’s an absolute privilege to be chosen to skate for the boys. Never thought I’d be able to call myself a World Record holder 😅! Tusen takk Stavanger but now, I’m Alberta bound!

It was a good weekend. This was just one small step amongst many but man, did it feel like a big one. To pull out a win against these guys wasn’t easy and it was one heck of a 500m competition; expect big things from these boys 🇨🇦. • I want to thank my sponsors and partners aclaro softworks, @rbc, @craigsenyk, @lululemon, @pbchocolatemilk and programs like @hudsonsbay’s Strength and Stripes, @canfund and Podium Alberta. It is because of you I’ve been able to challenge myself in new environments. • It takes a village and to all those who have lent a hand to me while I’ve been solo for the past three weeks, thank you so much. To @gerryjunio, @gino.junio, @dustinmiller15 and @djasunny for filming my sessions, to @philriopel and @almcilveen for being on my backstretch and to @bluebarnstudio, @paul_hunter_pt and Justin Warsylewicz for getting my body in working order - couldn’t have done it without you all. • And to the crew in Norway, tusen takk! Can’t wait to see y’all and get back to work! 😄💪🏽

Had an absolute blast in Toronto today, unveiling @teamcanada’s Olympic Kit courtesy of @hudsonsbay. It’s a privilege to wear the maple leaf, even if it’s as a rookie model. But now it’s back to business tomorrow in Calgary in pursuit of actually wearing this stuff come February! ・・・ What’s more #Canadian than red and black plaid?! ❤️🖤// Y'a rien de plus canadien que les chemises à carreaux noires et rouges. ⚫️🔴p What’s more #Canadian than red and black plaid?! ❤️🖤// Y'a rien de plus canadien que les chemises à carreaux noires et rouges. ⚫️🔴

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#fbf to April 1st, 2017 but this ain't no joke! It was an absolute blast ripping it up w/ @toll18 and @chehreh at @lpsrvc all in the name of an amazing cause! Together with some unbelievable performers and a room full of amazing people, we raised just over $34000 for @imagine1day, providing education to children in Ethiopia. For your viewing pleasure, I present to you, The Wu-Sync Clan! ---------------------------------------------------------- Massive shout out to @craigsenyk for donating and getting our team to our fundraising goal! Maybe next year, you can pick the song... 🤠 • #lipsyncbattle #uptownfunk #offseasontraining

Yes, it's July. Yes, is 32 degrees and sunny. But everyday we get closer to winter and the Olympics. That's why I'm so grateful for @vikingskates for hooking me up with some of their championship-winning blades, the Viking Sapphires, for the upcoming season. Winter is coming and I'm one step closer to being ready for it. Thank you @vikingskates!

Work done, time to celebrate #canada150! What makes the grind easier is knowing it's all for representing this amazing nation of amazing people. Proud to be Canadian - Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦! . #thesweatlife #pbcm #teamaclaro

Pretty excited to be a part of the High Performance Herd of 2018 w/ some amazing athletes. We've partnered with legendary #yyc cartoonist Dave Elston and he's created 16 moose for 16 amazing athletes across 11 different sports to raise the stoke as we make our final push for the 2018 Olympics. Dave put a little personal touch for each athlete; obviously mine has YYC in the antlers. . Join the Herd and join Team Junio and purchase my moose (or others... but mine is pretty cool) at the link in the bio. Shirts will come with the name of the athlete you choose to support (at checkout) on the back, so buy a tee and join us on our #PathToPyeongChang2018! . #HighPerformanceHerd2018 #MoosePower

Three weeks ago I embarked on new journey with new people in a new country but with the same goal: representing Canada at the Olympic Games. It hasn't been the easiest transition giving up all the comforts of home but uncomfortable is where you can grow the most. Unfortunately that's only a metaphor... #shortjoke. Takk to this crew for welcoming me to Norway! . It's been an amazing start to this adventure but I'm excited to be coming home for a little rest followed by more work with this team. See you soon Norway! 🇳🇴✌🏽 . #teamaclaro #pbcm #thesweatlife #luontheroad @pbchocolatemilk @lululemon