Canadian Long Track Speed Skater. Sprint Specialist. 2014 Olympian.

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Little snapshot from this awesome series about first-generation Canadians living out their dreams in this great country. Pretty fortunate to be doing what I love and so grateful that I've had my family in my corner the whole way. Link is in my profile description - check it out!

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Have always loved this picture - will always remember this moment as one that changed my outlook as an elite athlete. That being said, I want to end this week by thanking every coach that has ever influenced me in my career; what coaches do every kid is beyond words. In sport and in life. #ThanksCoach #CoachesWeek #YoungGrasshopper

River. ✔️ Hill. ✔️ Screen + Jurassic World. ✔️ A beauty night in #yyc. ✔️ Just an awesome night third-wheeling @rdmacker & @vmspence and catching some dinosaurs.

Who needs a +1 when you have a crew like this, am I right! Congrats to Ted & Marlinde on their marriage, so stoked for you two! #BloemanWedding